How to transform uncertainty into a resource

In the latest Academy seminar, Prof. Vaughn Tan explained how uncertainty could become a tool for innovation, with the right mindset.

Uncertainty may appear an obstacle to running a successful business, but could it be a resource rather than a liability?

That was the subject of the Academy’s latest seminar, hosted by Vaughn Tan, an author, strategy consultant and professor at University College London’s School of Management. He works with businesses – primarily in hospitality – and non-profits to make them more innovative and resilient.

Prof. Tan, who previously presented to the Academy back in January on the basics of business planning, drew on his book ‘The Uncertainty Mindset’ for an insightful seminar that sought to remove the fear around uncertainty.

"I'm going to explain how you can make uncertainty into a resource for innovation, instead of simply something you should fear and avoid,” he said.

Having worked with many of the most innovative restaurant R&D teams in the world, uncertainty is often what drives them creatively, he says.

"Innovation is both imagining a future that isn't here yet and also trying things that you don't know how to do yet – if you're able to do both those things, you can innovate."

The seminar continued with insights into how to design a business around uncertainty by experimenting with hiring processes, goals, and team motivation, as well as how to adopt an uncertainty mindset to enable personal growth.

"In a nutshell, the uncertainty mindset simply means admitting to yourself that not knowing is okay,” said Prof. Tan.

Following his presentation, Academy members were able to ask questions and debate with our expert in a special chat session.

This latest seminar continues the Academy’s educational program for 2021 in support of its goal of nurturing the next generation of game-changing culinary talent, whilst connecting young chefs with the most influential figures in global gastronomy.

Previous seminars have seen the likes of Facebook’s Taylor Clarke share invaluable insights into how to build a business and/or personal brand across social media, and some of the world’s best chefs give their expert view on young chefs. The program is available exclusively to Academy members via its private Facebook group.

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