Expert unlocks secrets to social media success

In the Academy's latest seminar, Facebook’s Taylor Clarke shared invaluable insights into how to build a brand across platforms.

4.2 billion people around the world now use social media. In the latest seminar from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, Taylor Clarke, a Global Client Partner at Facebook, shared her expert knowledge of how to build a business and/or personal brand across two of its most popular platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

How to build your brand across Facebook and Instagram, which went out live exclusively to members in the Academy’s private Facebook group, was focused on several key points, including how to engage with customers, be consistent with your look and voice, and create and manage highly effective advertising campaigns, even on tiny budgets.

“Facebook and Instagram are destinations where people are inclined to talk about your industry,” said Clarke speaking to the chefs watching, whilst emphasising the need for a cross-platform marketing strategy. “There’s an opportunity to build your personal brands and businesses in this environment where people devour content about food and drinks, and culinary expertise.”

Clarke, who has been with Facebook for close to a decade, also covered Covid best practice, revealing how in fact social media connection-fatigue has been somewhat reversed by the global pandemic, and outlined the various technical and other support resources Facebook offers for businesses large and small.

After concluding a detailed presentation, which included a seven-point plan for building an advertising campaign using Facebook’s family of apps and services, Clarke urged those watching to “Develop your own benchmarks, keep a test and learn mindset, and go into every campaign trying to learn something.”

Members were also able to ask her questions in the comments, which Clarke promised to respond to in the coming days, meaning they had a direct line to an expert who could offer personalised advice on how to maximise the effectiveness of social media.

The seminar was the third of 2021 and as with previous seminars, including Why marketing strategy is key, hosted by entrepreneur and marketing expert Nidal Barake, demonstrated the Academy’s commitment to covering topics not generally taught by conventional culinary schools.

The program will continue in 2021 with a series of exciting seminars featuring the biggest names in gastronomy, as the Academy seeks to grow its global community of culinary experts, whilst nurturing young talents and connecting them with experienced pros.

Chefs who have previously taken part in the Academy’s educational program include Andreas Caminada, Clare Smyth, Enrico Bartolini, Gavin Kaysen, Manu Buffara and Mauro Colagreco.

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