New Sustainability Internships Food for Soul

New Sustainability Internships and Courses

Applications now open for joint programs with Food for Soul.

A series of new amazing educational opportunities dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility are now available for the Academy members thanks to a global partnership between S.Pellegrino and Italian chef Massimo Bottura’s Food for Soul initiative.

Officially launched during the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Grand Finale 2019-2021 in Milan, the Culinary Ambassadorship and Internship Programs feature two key components: an online training course to help S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy members engage with sustainability and inspire positive change; and an immersive internship program in one or more Refettorio kitchens across the globe, where members will gain hands-on experience while contributing to food system sustainability and wellbeing initiatives.

Further details on the Culinary Ambassadorship and Internship Programs, including key dates and how to apply, are now available for Academy members in the reserved area of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy website.




Chef members of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy can take part in the Sustainability Gastronomy Training, an online course developed by Worldchefs, a global network of chef associations representing culinary professionals of all levels across all specialties, and Feed the Planet, to teach and empower chefs how to think and act sustainably and achieve UNS SDG targets.


The online course consists of eight bi-weekly modules that explain fundamental concepts and strategies to help culinary professionals improve their relationship to nature and our food system and, upon completion, members will receive a certification. 


The course will be available in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French

With over 3,500 foodservice and hospitality professionals trained, the course is an essential starting point to help advance sustainable gastronomy. 

Applications for the first edition of the Sustainability Gastronomy Training are due by 30 January, 2022.



Participants who complete the Sustainable Gastronomy Training will be eligible to participate in Food for Soul’s Train the Trainer program held in conjunction with Refettorio food education programming. Dates will be announced after Spring 2022. 


Currently, Food for Soul has 13 active Refettorio projects in different parts of the world — including in the US, UK, Italy, France, Mexico, Brazil — with many more in the pipeline. Young chef members can now volunteer in their kitchens as part of this internship program.

As part of this experiential learning, S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy members will be expected to carry out various activities in the Refettorio kitchens, spending at least one week in a single location, with the possibility to repeat the experience in different projects over a period of three years. 


Upon completion of each Refettorio experience, members will receive an attendance certificate from S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy and Food for Soul.

More information for Academy members and details on how to apply are available in the reserved area of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy website.



Chefs completing both the Sustainability Gastronomy Training and Culinary Internships will be recognised as Ambassadors of Food for Soul, with a mission to transform our food system.

These activities also allow Academy members to join the Food for Soul Guest Chefs Network, where they will actively contribute (with tips, recipes and videos) to the creation of a more sustainable and inclusive food system, and increase awareness around the social and environmental impact of waste.


The Culinary Ambassadorship and Internship Programs will enrich the educational, mentoring and networking activities of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, which have been made available since its launch in 2020. With this initiative, the Academy further empowers young chefs to use their voice, talent and passion for social good.


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